Our team

Lund University was founded in 1666 and is ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The university has 40 000 students and 8160 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. The university offers the broadest ranges of courses and programmes in Scandinavia, based on cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge research. The university has a distinct international profile, with partner universities in 70 countries.

The Faculty of Medicine, in close cooperation with agents within public healthcare and medicine to increasing knowledge of high relevance to human health. This is done through education and research in cooperation with the wider society. The faculty has about 2000 staff and 2800 students in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö.

The Department of Health Sciences is one of six departments at the Faculty of Medicine and carriers out research in the areas of prevention, therapy, health and social care and rehabilitation, covering all age groups. The teachers are involved in education on basic, advanced and doctoral levels. The research group Participation, activity and everyday life involved in this project is one of 12 research groups at the department and focuses on research on older people and people with declining functional capacity and their life situation. The research group is affiliated to the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments, CASE, at the Faculty of Medicine.

FRODIZO located in Patras – West Greece, is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization for the provision of health and social care services to elderly and disabled people in order for them to retain their maximum level of autonomy and well being.
FRODIZO organizes and participates in various educational and research activites and initiatives that promote active ageing, ageing well, independent living and social inclusion of elderly and disabled.
FRODIZO disposes also a day care center for people suffering from dementia and for their caregivers, under the authority of the Greek State.

Our main activities include:
• Health and social care services to elderly and disabled, as well as to older people suffering from a chronic disease
• Participation and orgnaization of social inclusion activities and programs
• Education and training actions that preserve the quality of life of older people
• Education and training for carergivers of older people

Our personnel consists of professionals and scientists from different health and social care domains as it is gerontologist, psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, administrative staff. In FRODIZO are also enlisted more than 50 volunteers that constantly participate in the different actions of the organization and enrich FRODIZO’s effectiveness and field of intervention. Furthermore, our organization disposes a very wide network of collaborating organizations and Institutes of social and health care character in West Greece periphery as well as in National level.

Athens Alzheimer Association (Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by people with dementia, their relatives and health care professionals interested in Alzheimer’s disease. It aims to raise awareness about all forms of dementia, improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families, help and support people with dementia and their caregivers by offering them counselling services and advocating for their rights and needs in the community. Currently the Association has 5500 official members, 60 health professionals and 55 active volunteers and is run by a 7-member elected board.

For the coordination and implementation of our objectives, our activities include:
• 4 Day Care Centers providing psychosocial interventions for people with dementia (PwD) in Athens
• 2 Home Care Services,
• Memory clinics
• 72 Dementia Counseling Centers in collaboration with municipalities all over Greece
• Training, counselling and support services for caregivers
• Training for healthcare professionals
• Dementia screening and prevention programs in the community
• Organizing awareness campaigns and regular information meetings for the public
• Organizing seminars for caregivers and health care professionals
• Publication of newsletters, factsheets and booklets
• Participating in research protocols, community surveys and European projects

INTERACTIVE 4D (acronym I4D) is a French SME established in 2003 that designs and develops digital games, interactive tools and gamified applications for health, educational and training related purposes. INTERACTIVE 4D is one of the French leaders in the various markets it operates and has won seven awards in the last six years at French and international levels including three European Serious Games Awards from the renowned Serious Games Society.

INTERACTIVE 4D has gained a long experience in designing serious games and gamified applications aiming at raising awareness toward topics of public interest (health, environmental and cultural related issues) and at improving behavioral habits in the personal and professional life of European kids, teenagers and adults. INTERACTIVE 4D has developed numerous serious games and e-learning tools for international companies like Sanofi Pasteur, TOTAL, Suez, Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, La Poste and public institutions like the French Ministry of Sports, Association Nationale des Maires de Stations de Montagne (ANMSM), Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur, University of Toulouse and numerous training organizations. These training, educational and awareness raising games are played every year by tens of thousands of patients, care givers, medical professionals and employees at work. Staff: A team of 10 experts with deep experience in the following fields: neuropsychology, behavioral education and training, game design, 2D graphic design and 3D modelling, texturing and 3D animation, game development, e-learning technologies, data processing and artificial intelligence.

I.S.R.A.A. is a Public Care provider based in Treviso (IT) that provide four nursing homes for 900 older with limitation in functional and cognitive faculties. Globally there are more than 700 employees and a dedicated staff for older home care in Treviso area looking after 1000 users, half of them suffering of dementia disease. Thanks to a dedicated unit for those with cognitive impairments we provide information, care and support to older and their relatives who are dealing with such a challenging disease.

In 2018, “Borgo Mazzini Smart Cohousing” began, a sheltered housing for elderly where 45 older adults can live in an Age Friendly site in the downtown centre of Treviso. Thanks to European Projects we are improving the innovation in care introducing ICT solutions that foster the independent living and the proactive attitude of older towards the ageing process.

With close on 46,000 inhabitants, Trelleborg is Sweden's fiftieth largest municipality, the sixth largest in Scania which is the region where this project will take place. the Health Care and Services organization has 712 employees, mean age 45 years, 95,5% are women. Health Care and Services incluses: nursing homes, short term or relief care services, home care services, day care centers, meeting places, health care interventions, rehabilitation and assistive devices provision, dementia support teams, centre for support for family caregivers and volunteers.

Older people with disabilities or disease can receive different kinds of support to be able to age in place, such as housing adaptation, home care services, safety alarms, home visits by volunteers etc. Within the municipality, there are 12 nursing homes hosting in total 400 care receivers. Home care services are provided to people with considerable care needs, and in cases where their needs cannot be seen to in other ways. Within the municipality there are different kinds of day care centers and meeting places for older people. The aim is to create a social context and a place for activity and participation together with others. Some of these day care centres are for people with dementia who can visit them after application and approval by the municipality. The municipality dementia coordinators (specialist nurses or occupational therapists) are responsible for help and support to people with dementia, the family caregivers and the professionals. They also have a responsibility for disseminating knowledge about dementia to the municipality citizens, and to provide supervision and education to professionals and family caregivers.

Tech4Care is an innovative startup company acting as a centre for research and development (R&D), consulting and training, with the aim to innovate care for people in a state of frailty, dependence and with chronic conditions. Our mission is to develop, test and produce new technological solutions for improving health and well-being of patients and their families.

Our activity includes the design and experimentation of new products, the direct provision of care and monitoring services, the consulting and support for project management of innovative initiatives, the training and health education for families, care assistants and health professionals. Tech4Care aims at mobilising interdisciplinary expertise and resources to develop innovative programmes that support patients in their daily life, allowing them to live more independently and benefitting from better health and quality of life. Our staff has extensive experience in national and European projects, with longstanding and successful partnerships with public institutions, non-profit organisations and industries. Tech4Care counts 7 FTEs and 1 doctoral student, and has extensive experience in national and European projects, with longstanding and successful partnerships with public institutions, non-profit organisations and industries. Tech4Care is a spin-out company linked to the Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy) and keeps a solid focus on exploiting and translating best research, R&D and training approaches into actual products and services for vulnerable groups.