Earlydem project kick-off meeting

The EARLY-DEM Project Kick-off meeting was held October 24-25, 2019 in Health Sciences Centre, Lund (Sweden)


Lund University, Sweden: Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Connie Lethin

Frodizo, Greece: Georgios Koumanakos, Dimitris Theodoropoulou

Interactive4D, France: Alexis Lacapelle

AAADRD, Greece: Eleni Margioti, Xanti Arabatzi

Trelleborg, Sweden: Mikael Karlsson, Carina Göransson, Marie Jungklo

Tech4Care, Italy: Mauro Catena, Miriam Ronconi

ISSRA, Italy: Oscar Zanutto, Romina Piersimoni

1.The meeting started with all partners presenting themselves and their organization. 2.The project coordinator presented an overview of the program (power point (PPT) presentation available in LU Box)
3.IO1 was presented by AAADRD (IO lead) followed by a discussion regarding the target group for the project as a whole, related to the inclusion of interview persons for IO1:3, semi-structured interviews with in total 20 people. a)AAADRD and LU divided the interview as follows: AAADRD interviews with 10 people with MCI, LU interviews 10 professionals. ‘b)AAADRD and LU reviews the literature on “educational gaps in relation to early identification of MCI and dementia” (IO1:1). c)Connie sets up a matrix for the comparative analysis in IO1:2, AAADRD and LU drafts the first comparison to then be reviewed by other partners for national accuracy.
4.Short presentation of IO2 by LU (IO lead). The content of the program as well as the teaching methods will be decided based on the results of IO1. The SOLO taxonomy will be used todefine the learning outcomes for the training program(presentation available in LU Box).
5.End of Day 1.

6.IO3 was presented by Interactive4D. Discussion about the aims and benefits of the teaching and learning program in relation to what is already known and the educational programs available on the market. Discussion on Why do we developed the program? For who? How –what content and teaching and learning activities? Type of usage (autonomous or supervised)? Which format (PC, tablet, mobile phone)? What kind of data will be generated and howwill it be stored?How do we measure success? Should we build a community of users with potential to support each other on a daily basis?
7.Financesand reporting. Financial officer Åsa Olsson presented the financial requirements for ERASMUS+ projects (PPT available in LU Box)
a)First interim report after 12 months. Partners will be notified two months in advance. b)LU makes a short presentation of the project in English (and Swedish), to be used for partner webpages, leaflets and other dissemination purposes. Each partner translates into their national language. c)A sample of logo suggestions will be distributed by Interactive4D. Discussion on message to be sent by the logo. d)Facebook page will be set up by LU and made public once the logo is decided. Photos and info from the kick-off meeting will be added first.e)Decision to postpone design and launch of webpage to six months into the project.
9.Decision on bi-monthly web-based meetings hosted by LU, Invitation including meeting link will be sent out in advance. At least one participant from each partner at the meetings. Decided: 2019-12-13 9.00CET, 2020-02-21 9.00CET.
10.Joint material storage area set up in LU Box. Each partner has been invited to the box via e-mail.
11.Next consortium meeting will take place in October 1-2, 2020 in Treviso, Italy. The meeting will be hosted by ISRAA